Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

Call us on 0800 377 7330



Information leaflet 1

This leaflet tells you about SPSO and what you can do if you have a complaint about a public service.

Ombudsman How to Complain easy read-1.jpg


Easy read advice leaflet

Advice on how to complain in an easy to read format with graphics.



Complaint form

Our complaint booklet includes a consent form for people making a complaint on behalf of others. It can be printed, completed and sent to us.




Information leaflet 2

We are the final stage for complaints about public service organisations. This leaflet tells you about our process and how we handle complaints.

unnacceptable actions 2011 Page 1.jpg


Unacceptable actions policy

This document explains how we handle unacceptable behaviour by complainants.

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Service standards leaflet

This leaflet advises you on our Service Standards and what to do if you are unhappy with the service you have received from us.

20101101your complaintourdecision-1.jpg


Your complaint, our decision leaflet (PDF, 43KB)

This leaflet gives information about what to do if you wish to request a review of a decision made by us.