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The Strategic Plan for 2012 – 2016 sets out our key objectives for the next four years based on anticipated changes in the external environment that impact on our work and areas identified for development within the business. As with previous plans, this Strategic Plan will be used to drive continuous improvement in the services that we provide to our stakeholders.

The five strategic objectives that we present here constitute our high-level Strategic Plan and under it will sit business plans for each year. The same values of independence, accountability, accessibility, efficiency, collaboration and diversity will continue to form a common thread through our work, underpinning all that we do. We are mindful of our responsibilities as a public body to fulfil our equalities obligations and that we have a role in ensuring that bodies under our jurisdiction also fulfil their obligations.

Our Plan places us squarely in the arena of supporting improvement by focussing public bodies on embedding good complaints procedures and on learning from complaints to identify and prevent future failings. This emphasis on prevention is one of the cornerstones of the Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services report (the Christie Commission) that was published in June 2011. We will continue to assess the impact of our decisions and our recommendations on public services and on policy, using tools such as thematic reports based on outcomes of our considerations of complaints. In doing this, we aim to ensure that the learning from complaints is used effectively to inform improvement in how services are designed and delivered.

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Updated: September 12, 2013