2018-19 Statistics

In 2018-19, 1,567 people contacted our Scottish Welfare Fund (SWF) team.  This is a 34% increase on 2017-18, largely accounted for by signposting enquiries which rose from 424 in 2017-18 to 762 in 2018-19.
We handled 287 community care grant reviews and 513 crisis grant reviews, a total of 800.
The overall average uphold rate for crisis grant applications was 32%.
The overall average uphold rate for community care grant reviews was 51%.
Detailed information about the enquiries and reviews we handled over the course of the year is provided below:
The Ombudsman sends some authorities an annual letter about their review numbers.

Ombudsman's Local Authority letter October 2019 (PDF 248KB)

Statistics by council 2018-19

Aberdeen City Council (PDF 155KB)

Aberdeenshire Council (PDF 156KB)

Angus Council (PDF 156KB)

Argyll and Bute Council (PDF 155KB)

Clackmannashire Council (PDF 156KB)

Dumfries and Galloway (PDF 156KB)

Dundee City Council (PDF 158KB)

East Ayrshire Concil (PDF 156KB)

East Dunbartonshire Council (PDF 158KB)

East Lothian Council (PDF 165KB)

East Renfrewshire Council (PDF 153KB)

Falkirk Council (PDF 155KB)

Fife Council (PDF 158KB)

Glasgow City Council (PDF 177KB)

Inverclyde Council (PDF 156KB)

Midlothian Council (PDF 151KB)

North Ayrshire Council (PDF 156KB)

North Lanarkshire Council (PDF 159KB)

Perth and Kinross Council (PDF 155KB)

Renfrewshire Council (PDF 171KB)

Scottish Borders Council (PDF 132KB)

South Ayrshire Council (PDF 133KB

South Lanarkshire Council (PDF 133KB)

Stirling Council (PDF 133KB)

The City of Edinburgh Council (PDF 135KB)

The Highland Council (PDF 134KB)

West Dunbartonshire Council (PDF 134KB)

West Lothian Council (PDF 138KB)

Updated: November 27, 2019