Case study

  • Date:
    February 2019
  • Category:
    Resident within the local authority area


Mr C applied for a crisis grant for living costs. He was homeless and in need of financial support until his next UC payment.

The council refused the application on the basis that they could not confirm he was a resident in local authority area, as he had not made a homeless application, and his last known address was outside of the area. They upheld this decision at first tier review.

Mr C asked the SPSO to review the council's decision to refuse his crisis grant application. We received the council's case file and spoke with the applicant. We established that the applicant had been living in his van for the last 18 months and so had no fixed abode. However, we were satisfied that he was currently living in the local authority area. We assessed that the council were incorrect to refuse the application on as the guidance (s4.6) states that if a person is homeless or has no fixed address, they should be treated as though they live in the local authority area to which they have applied. We noted that the council did not make enquires with the applicant to fill gaps in the information in available. We upheld the review request and awarded Mr C £100.33.

Updated: July 22, 2019