Case study

  • Date:
    October 2018
  • Category:
    Change of circumstances within 28 days


Mr C requested an independent review of the council's decision on his crisis grant application. He applied for money for food and utilities after losing £60.
The council declined Mr C's application on the basis that it was made within 28 days of a previous application. They did not consider there to have been a relevant change in Mr C's circumstances that would allow them to make an award. They upheld their original decision at first tier.
We reviewed the council's file and spoke with Mr C. We found that between the two application dates, Mr C had received a payment of Universal Credit (UC), which he had then subsequently lost. We considered that this was a relevant change in circumstances (s6.1 of SWF guidance) and that Mr C had entered a new period of crisis. We instructed the council to make an award as the available information had been misinterpreted.

Updated: July 17, 2019