Case study

  • Date:
    October 2018
  • Category:
    Priority curtains


Mr C, who works for a housing charity, requested an independent review on behalf of his client (Mr A). Mr A had applied to the fund for a number of household items as his family have refugee status and have recently secured their own tenancy after a period of living in homeless accommodation.

The council assessed whether Mr A was eligible and met the qualifying criteria for a grant. They awarded a number of household items but advised that Ms A’s request for curtains and hall flooring did not meet the necessary priority level. Mr A submitted a review request for these items and provided specific information about the requirement for the curtains and hall flooring. Mr A advised this his wife is receiving counselling due to what she has experienced as a refugee and that curtains and hall carpet were required in order to make the property safe and provide security. The council carried out a first tier review but did not change their decision.

Mr C asked SPSO for an independent review. We received the councils file, and agreed that Mr A was eligible for a grant and met the qualifying criteria for a grant. Mr C requested we carry out a review on the request for curtains. We considered the information Mr A provided in the application and assessed that these items met high priority in line with s5.5- 5.6 of the guidance. As such we instructed the council to award Mr C curtains and curtain rails for the living room and two bedrooms. We provided feedback to the council regarding their decision making and also the decision letters issued, as we considered both of these were not in line with the SWF guidance.

Updated: July 26, 2019