Case study

  • Date:
    March 2019
  • Category:
    Priority hall carpets


Ms C requested an independent review of the council's decision on her community care grant application. She applied for flooring for her hallway, kitchen and bathroom, curtains and a vacuum cleaner as she had recently secured a tenancy and required these items. She explained that she suffers from mental ill health.

The council assessed Ms C was eligible and met the qualifying conditions and they awarded some of the items requested. The applicant submitted a first tier review request in regard to the items refused and provided specific information about her need for these items, however the council did not change their decision and no further award was made.

We reviewed the council's file and spoke with Ms C to gather further information about her health issues, she also gave us permission to speak with her GP. We contacted Ms C’s GP and based on the information they provided we considered the items requested met high priority in line with s5.5- 5.6 of the guidance. We changed this information on ‘new information’ as considered that the council could not have reasonably obtained this information.

Updated: July 26, 2019