COVID-19 update

Please be aware that our office is currently not open to visitors and we are unable to take phone enquiries.  Following the latest Government advice, we are not arranging face-to-face appointments for the foreseeable future. We are responding to emails; however, due to the impact on our staffing resources, our response times will be affected.  Please read our information for customers and organisations

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

We appreciate that it is an anxious and difficult time for members of the public at present, the current situation is fast moving and public service organisations are working hard to ensure that they deliver vital services with reduced resourcing.

Due to the demand on our office, complaints submitted for investigation are unlikely to be considered until July 2020.

In light of these challenges we would encourage you to refrain from using this form to complain to our office if your complaint is about the following matters:

  • Delays with complaint responses
  • Matters which are likely to resolve themselves within the next few weeks/months
  • Delays in service delivery which are the result of organisations having to cope with COVID-19 and which are non-essential.

As there is a restricted amount we can do for you in the short term. If you would like to discuss further please call us on 0800-377-7330.

Please find more information on our COVID-19 update.

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