• Case ref:
  • Date:
    March 2017
  • Body:
    Glasgow West Housing Association Ltd
  • Sector(s):
    Housing Associations
  • Subject:
    repairs and maintenance
  • Outcome:
    Resolved, no recommendations


Mrs C complained about the housing association as they had refused to repair her broken shower. The association advised that it was not within their responsibility to repair under the terms of her tenancy agreement. However, Mrs C provided a copy of her tenancy agreement, which clearly stated that the association would be responsible for such repairs.

Following our enquiries to the association, they accepted that there had been some confusion about their responsibilities as Mrs C's tenancy agreement pre-dated the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, when the association had introduced a new tenancy agreement with slightly altered repairs responsibilities. They accepted that they were responsible for the repairs, offered Mrs C a payment of £30 in recognition for the inconvenience she had suffered, and explained steps they intended to take to ensure staff were trained to avoid similar mistakes in future.

Mrs C was satisfied that this represented a reasonable resolution to her complaint, as were we. As such, we decided that no further action was necessary.