• Case ref:
  • Date:
    November 2018
  • Body:
    Aberdeen City Council
  • Sector(s):
    Local Government
  • Subject:
    primary school
  • Outcome:
    Upheld, no recommendations


Mrs C complained in her own right, and on behalf of four other parents, that a head teacher failed to follow relevant procedures after an incident involving scissors at a school, and about the council's handling of complaints about the incident.

We found that the council's Anti-Weapon/Knife Crime Policy stated that certain actions were to be taken on the day of an incident, including the weapon being confiscated and placed in a locked cabinet; the police being notified; and senior management and specific council staff being notified. The evidence showed that none of these actions were taken on the day of the incident.

We also found that the council's responses to the complaints did not reasonably reflect the findings of the council's investigation, and did not include an apology for the police not being notified on the day of the incident. In addition, the council's handling of the complaints was not completely in line with the complaints handling procedure.

We upheld Mrs C's complaints. We found that the council had already taken steps to remedy the failings identified and so we did not make any further recommendations.