• Case ref:
  • Date:
    April 2019
  • Body:
    Forth Valley NHS Board
  • Sector(s):
  • Subject:
    complaints handling
  • Outcome:
    Not upheld, no recommendations


Mr C has a complex medical history and made a number of complaints to the board. Mr C complained that the board failed to adequately address repeated errors in the provisions of prescription drugs, failed to inform the prison service of the requirements of his care plan and allowed his medical records to be altered retrospectively. Mr C also complained about the board's handling of his complaint.

We took independent advice from an adviser specialising in general medicine. We found that, on occasion, there had been delays in the provision of prescription drugs. However, these delays did not have a significant impact and it was not unreasonable for the dispensation of medicine to be subject to prison procedures, which limited the hours when medication could be issued. We did not uphold this aspect of Mr C's complaint.

In relation to Mr C's care plan, we found that it had been reviewed and he had been able to participate in those meetings along with prison service staff. We considered that the board communicated reasonably and appropriately with the prison service. We did not uphold this aspect of Mr C's complaint.

In relation to Mr C's medical records, we found that the board said it was impossible to amend records retrospectively. The adviser noted that this statement was inaccurate and we provided feedback to the board in light of this. However, we found no evidence that Mr C's medical records had been altered retrospectively and did not uphold this aspect of Mr C's complaint.

Finally, we found that Mr C had received an explanation from the board for the way his complaint was handled and an apology for any confusion caused. We considered this approach to be reasonable and did not uphold this aspect of Mr  C's complaint.