Ombudsman's findings themes and trends - November 2023

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This month the Ombudsman’s findings highlight the importance of taking a person-centred approach.

We published decision reports from 17 complaints investigated by the Ombudsman. Fourteen of these were about the Health sector, one about Health and Social Care and two about Local Government. The outcome of these 17 complaints were

  • Fully upheld: 7
  • Some upheld: 4
  • Not upheld: 6

Recommendations and feedback

We made 37 recommendations to public bodies. Twenty-two of these were about steps public bodies could take to learn and improve from the complaint.

A key theme of these recommendations was to ensure the need for a person-centred"icon for decorative purposes" approach when delivering public services. Services should be tailored, as far as possible,
to meet the needs of the individual using them and their views and concerns should be considered and acted upon.

We also made recommendations about how public bodies communicate with people engaging with their service. All communication should be professional and respectful, and any concerns should be documented using non-judgemental language.

Did you know - we have a number of resources available on our website to help public bodies encourage positive engagement with users? Why not take a look and if you have any questions get in touch.

All our published decision reports can be read in full on our website.

Updated: November 22, 2023