Scottish Welfare Fund news - June 2024

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During May our Scottish Welfare Fund team:

  • responded to 102 enquiries
  • made 79 decisions on review applications
    • 36 community care grants
    • 43 crisis grants
  • upheld 20 (56%) community care grants and 8 (19%) crisis grants
  • signposted an additional 82 applicants to other sources of assistance. 67% of these were calling us instead of their local council in error.
  • received 18 enquiries from local council liaison contacts seeking advice on the guidance. 

Support and Intervention Policy 

We escalated a new issue through our Support and Intervention Policy. This was in response to a council's case notes which we considered demonstrated an opportunity for learning because they were judgmental. Nor did they show dignity and respect for the applicant as required by the guidance. 

Case studies

Exceptional circumstances for crisis grants

C requested we review the council's decision on their crisis grant application. C applied for funds after spending their income on clothing and travel costs for their grandchildren after social work had requested that they provide care for them. 

The council initially declined the application, stating that C had previously applied for increased costs due to their grandchildren staying with them. At first tier, they assessed that C was at fault for their crisis. 

We reviewed the council's file and corresponded with C and the social worker involved. We assessed that this application was different as C had been asked to provide care of their grandchildren as part of a social work arrangement pending a hearing. The previous circumstances were different. We deemed the situation exceptional and changed the council’s decision based on new information. We also provided feedback that the council failed to make appropriate enquiries for a robust decision.

You can also find more case studies in the searchable directory on our website.

Updated: June 19, 2024