• Case ref:
  • Date:
    May 2018
  • Body:
    A Medical Practice in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Board area
  • Sector(s):
  • Subject:
    clinical treatment / diagnosis
  • Outcome:
    Not upheld, no recommendations


Ms C complained that the practice failed to provide a reasonable standard of medical care and treatment to her late father (Mr A). Mr A attended appointments at the practice over a period of two months. Mr A was initially referred to hospital by the practice to be assessed for deep-vein thrombosis (DVT, a blood clot that develops within a deep vein in the body) and was prescribed medication. The results of the ultrasound scan taken at the hospital did not indicate DVT and the medication was stopped, however, Mr A's condition deteriorated. He attended two more appointments at the practice but died of a pulmonary embolism (a blocked blood vessel in the lungs) a few days after his final appointment. Ms C said that the practice had failed to see that Mr A's symptoms indicated DVT and believed that his death could have been prevented. Ms C also complained that the practice failed to respond to her complaint in a reasonable way.

We took independent advice from a GP. We found that the medical care and treatment was of a reasonable standard based on the evidence provided and the information available to the practice at the time in question. We also noted that the practice fully addressed the issues raised and took account of the clinical evidence available when responding to Ms C's complaint. Therefore, we did not uphold Ms C's complaints.