Performance Indicators are measures and targets that help organisations assess and demonstrate how they are carrying out their functions.

The feedback we receive has emphasised how important it is to complainants and service providers that we deal with enquiries and complaints quickly.

We are committed to improving the speed with which we deal with concerns brought to us by the public.

Performance Indicators (PIs)

Our performance indicators are measured from the date we received or opened a complaint.

PI 1 measures how quickly we establish whether or not a complaint is suitable for us and whether it has fully completed the complaints process of the organisation complained about. We want to let people know in five working days or less. The target is 95%.

PI 2 measures how quickly we establish whether we can examine a complaint under the SPSO Act, and where we see an opportunity for an early resolution of the complaint. Our aim is to let people know our decision in 80 working days or less. The target is 95%.

PI 3 measures how quickly we complete all our investigations. Our target is to complete 85% of all investigations in 12 months or less, including full investigation reports laid before the Scottish Parliament.

Updated: October 1, 2019