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Service standards performance

SPSO is a learning organisation and we consistently seek feedback from a variety of sources, including our customer satisfaction survey, our authorities survey, our internal quality assurance (QA) reviews and our customer service complaints, about our effectiveness and the quality of the service we provide.

We use this learning to bring about service improvements.


To ensure that we persistently maintain a focus on quality and continuous improvement in our decision making and our service delivery, in addition to our routine supervision and management oversight of cases, we separately quality assure around 10% of all cases closed every quarter. For all of the cases that are quality assured, appropriate action is taken to remedy any significant issues and the findings are systematically fed back to individual staff members as part of their supervision, and at a team level for consideration. 

The links below provide detailed information about our internal quality assurance reviews. Our QA reviews use our service standards as a benchmark for assurance purposes.


Updated: June 27, 2022