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In 2013-14, the SPSO

  • received 363 enquiries and 4,456 complaints (8% more complaints than last year)
  • dealt with a total of 4,408 complaints (8% more than last year), including some carried forward from 2012-13
  • made almost 1,200 recommendations for redress for individuals and improvements to public services.

Rise in complaints numbers, with more coming to us at the right time; and an increase in upheld complaints

8% more complaints reached us during 2013/14 than in the previous year, and more of those complaints were ones that we could look at straight away.  The number of cases that reached us without having first gone through the public organisation's complaints process dropped again, from 40% to 34%.

Upheld complaints are those that were valid for us to investigate, and that we fully or partly upheld. The overall level of these rose again, from 46% in 2012-13 to 50% in 2013-14.

2013-14 statistical tables

As well as our annual report (PDF, 2.1MB), we are again publishing separate sectoral reports.  These will contain more in-depth analyses of our findings in each area.  They will be made available on this site as they are published, as will the annual letters we send to many public organisations.

Updated: March 18, 2021